About Küljemäe

Kuljemae hotel offers homely accommodation among beautiful forest and clean lakes Pühajarve and Nüpli.

Küljemäe Apartments hotel is a perfect place for family vocations due to its private location in the heart of Otepää Nature Reserve, close to Pühajarve beach and Otepää town. Direct access to ski-, roller- and bicycle tracks of Tartu maraton and Tehvandi stadium makes Küljemäe one of the favorite locations between  athletes and sport teams. Downhill ski resorts near by are Väike Munamägi (2 km away) and Kuutsemäe (10 km away from the hotel).

Due to combination of roomy apartments, spacious hall and hot relaxing sauna, Küljemäe hotel is often chosen for group meetings, celebrations or seminars.

Accommodation is in spacious apartments (for 2-5 persons) with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, fireplace and balcony.