Guesthouse in Otepää

Guesthouse with seven bedrooms, spacious hall and sauna.

In guesthouse there are two apartments (with two and three bedrooms), studio, spacious hall with fire place, recreation room and sauna. Perfect for celebrations.

Apartment 1 (2-4 persons) has two bedrooms with 2 single beds and double bed,  living room with open kitchen and fire place, table+ chairs, balcony, douche, WC, TV, WiFi.

Apartment 2 (6-10 persons) has three bedrooms with 6 single and 2 double beds, sofa, kitchen room, tables+ chairs, two balcony, douche, WC, TV, WiFi.

Studio (2-5 persons) has single, double and one 2-level beds, kitchen, table+ chairs, balcony, douche, WC, TV, WiFi.

Sauna is hot and spacey with comfortable recreation room, small kitchen, fireplace, sofa, table and chairs. Sauna time shall be agreed in advance.

Guesthouse price is 400 euro per night.

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